Call to Action

There is an urgent need to improve the current system of care.  As Baby Boomers age, the number of people struggling with advanced illness will expand rapidly. We need action now.  Our non-partisan Coalition is already off to a good start focused on

  • Doing What Works: promoting best-practice care delivery (the models that work in clinical and community settings) to ensure high-quality, coordinated advanced illness care, across all settings;
  • Empowering the Public: helping people to understand and make informed choices for themselves and their families and to call for change in care delivery and in policies;
  • Educating Health Professionals: to better serve patients and families/caregivers so people know their options, make informed choices, get the care they need and avoid procedures they don’t want;
  • Creating Policy Change: developing and advocating for federal and state legislative, regulatory, judicial and administrative initiatives and also private policies to improve care for those with advanced illness.

To learn more about advanced illness, our mission & vision, members, and plan to reform advanced care, please download and return this form to us at

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