Board of Directors

C-TAC Board of Directors are:

The Board of Directors has three standing committees that provide support in carrying out its governance responsibilities.

Membership/Governance Committee
The Committee’s primary roles are to: 1.Ensure that policies, procedures and other frameworks are in place to advise and support the Board in carrying out its role; 2. Take the lead in Executive Director and Board and individual Board member assessment and accountability; and 3.  Identify, cultivate and recruit new Board members as needed.

Fundraising/Development Committee
The Committee’s primary roles are to: 1. Oversee and participate in the organization’s overall fundraising in collaboration with the Executive Director and other management and 2.Develop, with the Finance/Audit Committee, a plan for long-term sustainability of the Coalition.

Finance/Audit Committee
The Committee’s primary roles are to: 1.Oversee the fiscal health of the organization and recommend to the Board necessary actions to enhance and safeguard C-TAC’s financial wherewithal, and 2.Work with the Development/Fundraising Committee and management to develop short- and long-term budgets for the Coalition.


C-TAC is funded in part by grants from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and The SCAN Foundation and by our members. To learn more about advanced illness, our mission & vision, coalition members, and plan to reform advanced care, please download and return this form to us at

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